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MetalBall, high precision ball manufacturer

MetallBall is a French manufacturer of high precision steel balls and ceramic balls. We hold all the required production and inspection tools to satisfy the most critical requirements such as aerospace, space and medical.  Our company is the only ball manufacturer certified EN9100 (aerospace and space standard) in Europe. Our supply chain also enables us to offer industrial balls, certified to the customer’s specifications by our specialized laboratory.

Space and Aerospace balls

High precision steel balls made from AMS material, hardened under NADCAP agreement and checked by Eddy Current. Our quality system is certified EN 9100.

Balls for X Ray bearing tube

High precision steel balls with a roughness surface lower than 0,010µm. Our manufacturing process provides an excellent surface finish in order to guarantee a low noise level of the bearing.

Ceramic balls

High precision silicon nitride balls (Si3N4 balls) in accordance with ASTM F2094 Class I (from 1mm to 63,5mm). A fluorescent penetrant inspection can be realised on customer request.

Balls industry

Chrome steel ball, stainless steel ball, plastic ball, glass balls…a large range of material for each customer and each activity.

Balls for cosmectic

Stainless steel, plastic or glass balls are used for pump, nail polish or Roll’On. L’Oreal® test can be performed on customer request.

Balls for Pharmaceutical

Stainless steel or plastic balls. Our manufacturing process and the cleaning quality guarantee the respect of regulatory and customer requirements

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Metalball manufactures his first Tic coated balls !

A historic first ! MetalBall manufactured his first TiC coated balls from 440C AMS 5618 balls. Balls have a Grade 3 quality! These balls are used for spatial application


Material sorting has no more secret for MetalBall !

MetalBall invests in a new checking equipment able to sort a lot of balls according to the material and the hardness. This quality testing applies to balls from Ø 3mm to Ø 6,35mm. This service can be carried out as part of Metalball production or as a service provision for balls from customer’s stock.


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