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Alloy tool steel ball


Alloy tool steel balls have an excellent fatigue resistant at high temperature. Two types of standards can be distinguished:

– M50 balls for aerospace ball bearings : we use AMS 6491 (VIM-VAR) material and the heat treatment is certified NADCAP.

– M2, T15, M62 (CPM® REX® 20) balls for X Ray Tube ball bearing. Our manufacturing process can reach high quality surface (Grade 3)  in order to get a low noise level under normal condition.


Material Steel grade  Density (Kg/dm3) Hardness
Alloy tool steel ball AISI M50 ball AMS 6491  7,80 60-65 HRC
AISI M2 ball (HS-6-5-2) 8,10 62-65 HRC
AISI T15 PM ball 8,20 65-68 HRC
AISI M62 PM ball (CPM® REX® 20) 8,17  62-65 HRC


For industrial applications we can supply the balls via our Supply Chain. In all cases, each batch is validated by our certified quality system based on aeronautical requirements.

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