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Tungsten carbide ball


Tungsten carbide balls are used in applications requiring extreme hardness and resistance to wear and abrasion; and are able to withstand hard shocks and impacts. Tungsten carbide balls are made with 6% nickel binder or 9% nickel binder. Common applications include ball valves, flow meters, ball bearings, linear bearings, and ball screws



Material Steel grade Density (kg/dm3) Hardness
Tungsten Carbide ball K20 ball (YG6) 14,95 1550-1780 HV
K30 ball (YG8) 14,90 1480-1700 HV
YN6 ball 14,95 1400-1700 HV
YN9 ball 14,70 1250-1550 HV


For industrial applications we can supply the balls via our Supply Chain. In all cases, each batch is validated by our certified quality system based on aeronautical requirements.

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