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Pharmaceutical ball

In this sector, two materials are mainly used: stainless steel and plastic.

For some applications, the ball can be in direct contact with the product. Many controls carried out by our laboratory, we can guarantee a quality to meet the demands of this sector: ultrasonic and vapor phase cleaning, particle control, visual inspection, oxidation test, sorting material …



Material Grade Density (Kg/dm3) Hardness
French standard USA standard German standard
Stainless steel balls X2CrNi18-9 AISI 304L balls 1.4307 7,95 25-39 HRC
X2CrNiMo17-2 AISI 316L balls 1.4404 7,95 25-39 HRC
Plastic balls Polyoxymethylene balls (POM balls homopolymer and copolymer) 1,41 80-90 Shore D
Polypropylene balls (PP balls) 0,9 70-80 Shore D


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