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Ball in pure metal


The balls in copper and brass have good mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance and excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.
These balls are usually used in the automotive and electronics industry.

The aluminum balls are characterized by their low weight, good resistance to corrosion and wear.
These balls are usually used for ball bearings, valves for the automotive, aerospace, electronics …

Material Grade Density (kg/dm3) Hardness
Brass ball CuZn30 ball 8,49 75-87 HRB
CuZn36 ball 8,49 75-87 HRB
CuZn40 ball 8,49 75-87 HRB
Copper ball CuA1 (T2) ball 8,91 40-120 HV
CuBe1.9 ball 8,25 40-45 HRC
Aluminium ball 1050 ball 2,71 20-50 HV
1070 ball 2,71 20-50 HV
2017 ball 2,78 126-137 HV
2024 ball 2,78 126-137 HV
3003 ball 2,73 25-55 HV


For industrial applications we can supply the balls via our Supply Chain. In all cases, each batch is validated by our certified quality system based on aeronautical requirements.

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