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Ceramic ball


MetalBall is a french manufacturer of high precision ceramic balls (silicon nitride ball -Si3N4 ball) for ball bearing and ball screw. Our manufacturing process can obtain a higher surface quality than the current standard. In addition to our visual inspection, we can perform a fluorescent penetrant inspection (certified NADCAP) to guarantee the absence of “C-crack”.

We are also able to supply aluminium oxide (Al2O3) and zirconium oxide (ZrO2) balls.

Material   Ceramic grade  Density (Kg/dm3) Hardness
Ceramic balls Silicon Nitride Si3N4 balls – Class I ASTM F2094 3,26 1400-1600 HV
Alumina Oxide – Al2O3 balls 3,90 1250 -1700 HV
Zirconium Oxide -ZrO2 balls 6,00 1200 HV
Silicon Carbide -SiC balls 3,15 2200-2800 HV


For industrial applications we can supply the balls via our Supply Chain. In all cases, each batch is validated by our certified quality system based on aeronautical requirements.

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