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Space and Aerospace balls

Metalball manufactures in house steel balls and ceramic balls for space and aerospace market.

The manufacture of steel balls is made from special “AMS” material and the heat treatment is qualified NADCAP. Our Eddy current checking and our EN 9100 quality system meet all aerospace requirement.

Silicon nitride balls are made from blanks Class I ASTM F2094 in order to guarantee the best performance.

Material Steel grade Dureté
Chrome steel balls AISI 52100 balls AMS 6444 61-65 HRC
Stainless steel balls AISI 440C balls AMS 5618 58-64 HRC
XD15Nw balls AMS 5925 58-62 HRC
Cronidur 30 balls AMS 5898 58-64 HRC
Alloy tool steel balls AISI M50 balls AMS 6491 60-65 HRC
Ceramic balls Silicon Nitride balls – Si3N4 balls

Class I ASTM F2094

1500 HV
Coated balls 440C AMS 5618 + TiC 30 GPa
Balls for welding 304L balls 25-39 HRC
Hastelloy X balls 25 HRC
Titanium T40 balls 28-42 HRC


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